Subject Re: [firebird-support] References for use as an embedded DB?
Author Ray Cote
At 7:22 PM +0000 11/13/04, dancooperstock wrote:
>1) Is Firebird similarly rock-solid enough for me to consider
>replacing ASA with it? Does it similarly need no administration at
>all once it's installed?

Been rock-solid for us. We're using it in a high-volume credit card
processing application and it just churns right along.

>2) Is there any reason not to just use the embedded version of
>Firebird, rather than a server version? Obviously, I'm running on
>Windows. I want to keep the install program as small and
>straightforward as possible.

There are user-security differences between embedded and server so
read-up carefully in the documentation to see if it matters to you.
Using embedded drastically reduces the installation complexity. Our
application is effectively a file-copy and we're running.

>N.B. The program is only intended to be single-user, though I guess
>in theory I could let users who wanted it to be multi-user do their
>own download of a server version of Firebird, as long as I had tested
>it and made sure that concurrency issues were handled correctly, etc.

Writing your single user application as a multi-user application does
not cost you anything (or at least not much in terms of code

Also, the approach we've taken is to use embedded Firebird with ASTA middleware
This allows us to deploy Firebird as an embedded server and still
have multi-user capabilities.

>3) Is anyone else using the program in this way, as an embedded
>database within another application that has a large number of non-
>technical users? If so, could you comment on how it has worked out
>for you? (You can email me directly to reply if you want, at

Can't say we have a large number of non-technical users.
Can say that it is simple to install and maintain and that our
technical users aren't really aware of its existence.

Hope this helps.


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