Subject RFC: object descriptions
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi all,

There has been some discussion on the Firebird Developers list
about how to set the object description with a decent DDL
command compared to updating the system tables directly.

Several different syntaxes have been proposed - for this interested,
they are listed below.

As you are application developers are would probably use
these commands [in a script], please comment on the proposed

Here are the different proposed syntaxes:
a) ALTER {DESCRIPTION | COMMENT} FOR <object_type> <object_name> [AS] {NULL
| <text>};
by Claudio
b) {DESCRIBE | COMMENT} <object_type> <object_name> [AS] {NULL | <text>};
by myself
c) SET <object_type> {DESCRIPTION | COMMENT} FOR <object_name> [TO] {NULL |
d) SET {DESCRIPTION | COMMENT} FOR <object_type> <object_name> [TO] {NULL |
foresee of the SQL2010 spec <g>
e) ALTER <object_type> <object_name> SET {DESCRIPTION | COMMENT} [AS] {NULL
| <text>};

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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