Subject DB Size grows -again-
Author Trinidad Miravet Celades
Hi all,

Some weeks ago I asked advice about a problem I had with the size of a database that was continuosly growing. Following your advices I got that problem fixed doing a sweep of the database -then the cause of the problem was a masive deletion of records and no sweep done after that.

Well, I have a similar problem again now, but this time there were no deletions and after doing the sweep the database grows again. My guess is that the problem comes from one client that connects via TPC/IP to the database. The client basically reads the database, very few updates are done from if, BUT, from time to time, the PC where that client is running hangs -and, I have still to check that, but, I think that the growing happens when the PC hangs-. My question is, could this -a connection that is not properly closed because the PC hangs- cause the growing of the database? Has anyone experienced something similar before?

We have FB 1.5 version installed.

Thanks one more time for your comments,


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