Subject RE: [firebird-support] DB Size grows -again-
Author Paul Beach
> Some weeks ago I asked advice about a problem I had with the size of a database that was continuosly growing. Following
> your advices I got that problem fixed doing a sweep of the database -then the cause of the problem was a masive deletion
> of records and no sweep done after that.
> Well, I have a similar problem again now, but this time there were no deletions and after doing the sweep the database
> grows again. My guess is that the problem comes from one client that connects via TPC/IP to the database. The client
> basically reads the database, very few updates are done from if, BUT, from time to time, the PC where that client is
> running hangs -and, I have still to check that, but, I think that the growing happens when the PC hangs-. My question is,
> could this -a connection that is not properly closed because the PC hangs- cause the growing of the database? Has anyone
> experienced something similar before?
> We have FB 1.5 version installed.
> Thanks one more time for your comments,

And I think this should help explain things.