Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to Network - Compiere + Firebird for low cost ERP/CRM
Author Vipen Mahajan
Hi Muthu and Peter,

There is a high quality ERP/CRM Open Source solution, Compiere, which has extensive Tier 1-2 type functionality, see for details, and understanding/learning and implementing it. Compiere presently uses Oracle, by 2005 Q1 it will be available database independant. Some people from a Firebird camp, have developed a wrapper around Firebird, called Fyracle, and have been able to port Compiere to Firebird (Fyracle). Unlike Fyracle has a small light footprint, eminently suited for 5-15 users. Compiere over Fyracle has some glitches, however I they can be sorted out, with some determined effort.. People are extending Compiere for a POS solution, manufacturing, CRM etc.

So shortly you will have an Open Source solution which has ERP features like multi-currency, languages (over 15 and growing), multi user (from 5 to several hundred), capable of multi-tenant ASP hosting solutions, configurable, and a toolset for rapid extension and customization.

I am working on Compiere, and seek cooperation from the Firebird community.
Vipen Mahajan

PS we are working on demo site for Compiere.

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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: How to Network

Hi Muthu

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> I almost developed a store automation (POS) application using
> Firebird embedded Server.

As I do POS with cash registers, I would like to see that application
when it's ready (or even now if possible).

I work with Delphi at the moment and would like to implement FB
instead of my current Flashfiler DB.

Thank you

Peter Sanders

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