Subject RE: [firebird-support] SP Creation
Author Lee Jenkins
> Are you sure it wasn't saying "Variable V_CUSTOMERPASS unknown" ?
> The thing is, CUSTOMERPASS isn't a variable. If it wasn't
> finding a column
> in the SELECT specification, you would have seen a different exception.
> ./heLen

100% sure, Helen. "Variable CUSTOMERPASS Unknown" was the exact error that
I got. That is why I was so confused (and frustrated, lol, at one point).
Is that an FB error? I know that IBExpert either prepares it before it runs
it or maybe parses it first, so I wasn't sure if it was an error that the
tool itself was throwing.

At any rate, I am just starting out building the db and I have uploaded a
copy of the gbk to address below if you're interested in see it. I am using
FB 1.5.1, BTW. Also, as Woody suggested, I tried calling the SP and it
seems to be working.

www dot datatrakpos dot com /other/affinity.gbk