Subject Re: Remote connection on NT2000
Author chrisacron
Thanx Helen

I've read that guide intnsively but there is nothing their that could
help me.

I think it is an NT2000 settings problem.

Clients are WinXP



--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 12:07 PM 5/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi All
> >
> >I'm having problems connecting to the Firebord server from another
> >computer. I'm convinced something on the NT2000 server is blocking my
> >access but I've run out of ideas. I'm not that strong on NT.
> >
> >I can connect from the server using a local connection. I cannot
> >connect from the server by specifying the server name. On XP here ate
> >the office it is no problem.
> >
> >I've read the troubleshooting bits in the Interbase docs and tried
> >some of that but I'm not sure it is relevant anymore. The bit about
> >the settings file that needs a gds_db 3050/tcp is interesting. Should
> >I reboot the server?
> >
> >Is there a troubleshooting guide or set of tips that I can try?
> Yup. Download the Quick Start Guide from the Firebird
> website. Right-click the button in the menu at the left.
> Tip: check that the client's c:\winnt\drivers\etc\HOSTS file has the
> server's name and IP address defined. You can use the server's Windows
> node name or any other name you fancy.
> ./hb