Subject Remote connection on NT2000
Author chrisacron
Hi All

I'm having problems connecting to the Firebord server from another
computer. I'm convinced something on the NT2000 server is blocking my
access but I've run out of ideas. I'm not that strong on NT.

I can connect from the server using a local connection. I cannot
connect from the server by specifying the server name. On XP here ate
the office it is no problem.

I've read the troubleshooting bits in the Interbase docs and tried
some of that but I'm not sure it is relevant anymore. The bit about
the settings file that needs a gds_db 3050/tcp is interesting. Should
I reboot the server?

Is there a troubleshooting guide or set of tips that I can try? What
security settings on the NT server would block it? Is there a way to
see where the problem lies? I can ping the server but do not have a
way to gain access to or test port 3050.

Please help I'm desperate!