Subject problem connecting to remote server with alias
Author clarion55sucks
I am having trouble connecting to a remote (on same network) server
when i use an alias.

I have my local development machine running a firebird server. I can
connect to this using the database alias eg (DBNAME=localhost:mytestdb;)

I can connect to the remote machine when I supply the full database
pathname (DBNAME=ws100:c:\working\firebird\test.fdb;).


If I try and connect to the remote machine using the alias
(DBNAME=ws100:mytestdb;) i get the following error message -

File testtable could not be opened. Error.I/O error for file
"mytestdb" Error while trying to open file The system cannot find the
file specified.

I am currently bypassing odbc and connecting directly in code. eg

FILE:ConnectString = 'DRIVER=Firebird/InterBase(r) driver;

Both machines are windows xp and firebird guardian is telling me the
server is running and I can start and stop the server which
disconnects the IBConsole tool. And I have setup the alias in alias.conf.