Subject Re: [firebird-support] problem connecting to remote server with alias
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:46 AM 5/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I am having trouble connecting to a remote (on same network) server
>when i use an alias.
>I have my local development machine running a firebird server. I can
>connect to this using the database alias eg (DBNAME=localhost:mytestdb;)

If that is a Firebird alias, it shouldn't work (but I'm not going to argue
with you if you think it does...) You need to use the proper connection
path syntax.

>I can connect to the remote machine when I supply the full database
>pathname (DBNAME=ws100:c:\working\firebird\test.fdb;).

Use aliases.conf to associate an alias with an absolute file path as it is
seen on the server. (Shares, mapped drives, etc. are not legal). Say you
wanted your alias to be DBNAME, your entry in aliases.conf should be:

DBNAME = c:\working\firebird\test.fdb

>I am currently bypassing odbc and connecting directly in code.

For a local connection, your connection string should be the following:

for TCP/IP (local loopback):

for Windows IPServer local protocol, simply

For connecting from a remote client:


Windows Named Pipes via NetBeui:

Do you know that all of this really basic stuff is in the Quick Start
Guide, downloadable from the Firebird Website?

How you munge this into an ODBC datasource, the best place to ask is on the
firebird-odbc-devel list.