Subject dialect 1 or 3
Author Peter Sanders

I have created a new database using dialect 3. Perhaps this was a little
foolish when I do not know the difference between dialect 1 and dialect 3.
I assumed that 3 would be "better".

Anyway I am trying to convert and copy data from a Flashfiler table to a
Firebird table and have about 20 or so table to convert.

It appears from my attempts that Dialect 1 db's accept the commands/data
from the D5 datapump I am using. Dialiect 3 appears to reject the datapump
output - the command was rejected.

So, is there a newer version of the datapump that I should d/l or use?

Can I convert a Dialect 3 db to a dialect 1 db, if so should I do so?

Further to this I copied the sql create table script from the dialect 1 db
and attempted to use it via a sql procedure in the dialect 3 db. This was
(hopefully) to allow me to create the same table just created via the
datapump (in the dialect 1 db) in the dialect 3 db. Then I hoped to use
sql to feed the data into the newly created table.

I used the new procedure option in IBExperts to attempt this, however I
noticed that the table create script was in the DDL area of the other
(dialect 1) table. May attempt to create it here (the DDL) in the dialect
3 table was not successful.

Hmmm? Yes, it does seem I have much to learn :D

Kind regards

Peter Sanders