Subject Re: [firebird-support] Bug? My Mistake? gbak metadata generators go haywire
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:57 PM 2/11/2004 +0530, you wrote:

>Hi all
>I have tried to attach 2 screen shots of the database generators before and
>after gbak, hope they are visible on the list.
>I have this situation wherein I had an original database with generator
>values as they should be. I gbak'ed this database's metadata and restored
>the same as per batch file below.
>Supposing the original value of a generator GEN_AACCOUNTS_IID is 12. After
>gbak it turned up as 1153008335963779696, in fact all of the generators,
>irrespective of the original value is set to this.
>Please advise what I did wrong.

Nothing wrong. This is simply the maximum value of a BigInt. When
generators reach this number (i.e. when pigs do fly) they "roll over" and
start again from 1.

So the first time any of your generators is invoked, it will roll over and
the number will be 1. Try it.