Subject Re: [firebird-support] Importing Data to Firebird
Author Daniel Rail

At October 26, 2004, 12:52, Ken Galbraith wrote:

> While I believe that FB should continue to keep up to date with the latest
> SQL standards, I also appreciate that there is a cost to do so & in most
> cases there are 3rd parties that provide these facilities under various
> licences (free ware, shareware Open source, or "heaven forbid" at a cost!
> [only joking, I have no problem paying for commercial software {as long as
> it isn't to M$!}])

> As you may have seen, I have had responses from Tim Stowe & it looks like I
> can get the job done with minimum cost.

Have you looked at the utilities on the website I posted? Some are
free and can take almost any type of ASCII files(CSV, fixed length),
or almost any other type for that matter.

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