Subject Importing Data to Firebird
Author Ken Galbraith
Hi Guys (gender insensitive)

I am a Firebird Newbie and have a *legacy* Multi User Dos application which
(fortunately) uses fixed length record (cr/lf delimited) ASCII files.

Yes I have read Helen B's book & yes I am aware of FB's standard external
file read/write ability, however to use this to convert current flat file
structure to FB RDBMS format would require me to write (in my current
application language) a whole lot of functions which convert comma delimited
(strings are double quote delimited) files into fixed length trailing
blanks, files. As I have roughly 50-80 (it varies) of these types of files,
I am looking for utilities which convert data from CSV type files (which
mine are) into pre-defined FB tables just using SQL scripts & ISQL (or other
available free software). I am not adverse to paying for software, however I
have a limited budget for the conversion until the application is converted
& I start getting revenue from the updated (fully re-written) FB based

Just as an aside, I believe the SQL standard should include CSV type files
as external files as well as the current fixed length field files for
reasons which must be obvious to you all.

Any information on utilities available, which would make my task easier
would be appreciated.



Ken A Galbraith