Subject RE: [firebird-support] converting from Flashfiler to Firebird
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Peter,

> After loking at Firebird - especially through the IBEpert app :D - I
> have decided I would like to convert to Firebird.
> I need to convert 20-30 tables with up to 10,000 records (relatively
> small).
> I was begining to do the conversion the hard way by copying the data
> from Flashfiler explorer to the IBExpert app (create table).
> I thought that *maybe* somebody has already done this OR could provide
> me with some insight on how to more easily perform the conversion and
> import of data.
> ie read the FF datadictionary and create suitable sql statements to
> create the same "structure" in Firebird.
> To import the data do I have to use something like FF > csv >
> Firebird?

First of all, I would spend some minutes to read
what it means to move from desktop databases to
client/server. ;-)

Then, use a tool to convert your FF database schema
to Firebird.

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Don't know if IBExpert helps you there, but Database
Workbench would, as it allows to migrate a schema from
InterBase, Firebird, MSSQL, MySQL and any ODBC/ADO
data source to another Firebird database. Check out
a trial here:

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You also want to try InterBase DataPump.

Thomas Steinmaurer
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