Subject RE: [firebird-support] Silly but necessary question
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 10/26/2004 04:15 AM (Tuesday), Daniel Jimenez wrote:
>I am designing DB's for several applications where there is a lot of shared
>data, FK's, etc. Since FireBird does not support cross DB references,
>constraints, triggers, etc. How do people normally deal with this problem
>when writing large complex systems with multiple DB's where there exist a
>need to created FK's across DB's which are required within triggers,
>constraints ,etc for the purpose of insertion, deletion and updates.
>How do you attack the problem of transaction handling? Etc.

Daniel, from your questions I'm beginning to suspect that your idea of a
"DB" and ours is different. When you refer to a DB are you referring to a
single list of records? That is known to us as a table. To us, many tables
are stored in a single DB and these tables can refer to each other's records.

If you are actually talking about references which cross our DB boundaries,
my first question is why do you need to store records in multiple DBs? Can
they not be held in one for multiple applications to use?