Subject Re: converting from Flashfiler to Firebird
Author Peter
Hi Thomas

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> ie read the FF datadictionary and create suitable sql statements to
> > create the same "structure" in Firebird.
> >
> > To import the data do I have to use something like FF > csv >
> > Firebird?
> First of all, I would spend some minutes to read
> what it means to move from desktop databases to
> client/server. ;-)

I appreciate the advice, however Flashfiler IS C/S anyway so I am
familiar with (but no expert in) C/S.

Flashfiler has been and still is a very good db, however after reading
a little on IB and effectively therefore a little on FB I decided to
look more into FB.

Well I WAS impressed. I had forgotten just how useful SQL really is. I
mean, after having done so much in code and obtaining the results I
wanted I was pleased with FF. Now however after seeing just what FB
and sql can do SOOOOO much more easily I am going to take a leap :D

I presume from what I have read and what an IB user friend had to say,
that I can do some of the data "manipulation" and verification right
in the FB db, instead of writing the Delphi code to do this.

By manipulation I mean something like paddding a "numeric" string with
leading zeros and perhaps verifying that a barcode check digit is

Am I correct in this presumption??

Way back in the dark ages of D1, I read the Interbase book (v4) and
was impressed. However the licensing fees and the then "horrendous"
BDE and it's distribution/installation I chose to use Flashfiler.

So here I am back at the Firebird door - waiting to come in :D

> Then, use a tool to convert your FF database schema
> to Firebird.

FF currently does not have (to my knowledge) a means of creating a db
schema. I am investingating some additions to the FF source that -if I
can implement them - will print out most if not all of the data
dictionary in sql syntax. I copied and am modifying the db structure
print routine.

> Don't know if IBExpert helps you there, but Database
> Workbench would, as it allows to migrate a schema from
> InterBase, Firebird, MSSQL, MySQL and any ODBC/ADO
> data source to another Firebird database. Check out
> a trial here:

Thanks for the "promo" I did have a quick look earlier today at your
web site. While I have no doubt the product is good it may be overkill
for my current needs. Thats why I only have the IB Expert personal

However based on your "promo" :D I might download the trial version
and at least check it out.

> You also want to try InterBase DataPump.

Hmmm? Ok.

> HTH,

Yes it did, thank you and thanks fo rthe QUICK response :D

Kind regards