Subject TcpRemoteBufferSize
We use IBReplicator for replication over the internet and we have
massive performance problems with that. For example we have a
transferrate of 200 Bytes/sec over ISDN and 3KBytes/sec over DSL. One of
the network admins told me, that the problem is, that FB sends a lot of
very small packets over the wire, for example for replicating about 4MB
nearly 31000 packets are sent with a average size of 80 Bytes. I have
seen in the firebird.conf is a parameter TcpRemoteBufferSize to enlarge
the packet size and I have set it to 16K, but it doesn't changed
anything. The maximum packet size I get is 1514 Bytes. The I found this
article to enlarge the TCP packet size, but his doesn't
worked for me as well. I'm no network specialist and I don't get this
all together, therefore here are my questions:

Is it possible with the parameter TcpRemoteBufferSize to reduce the
number of packets sent over the wire? For example, don't send 1000
packets with a size of 80 Bytes, but send 1 packet with a size of 8000

When I want to enlarge the TCP packet size, do I have to enlarge it for
the server and the client or only for one of them. Does anybody know a
good TCP packet size for a TcpRemoteBufferSize of 16K?

I have read, that FB is not intended for use in Internet, because the
FB-protocol does so many roundtrips. Is this right, or exist some
tricks, how to speed up FB over the internet?

BTW, we have also tried ZeBeDee, but it doesn't helped anything. It only
compresses the the packets, but the number of packets are still the