Subject Re: [firebird-support] TcpRemoteBufferSize
Author Jonathan Neve
Paul Beach wrote:

>>We use IBReplicator for replication and since we use encryption for the
>>connection from the sales representative to the company network we have
>>massive performanceproblems with the replication. One of the network
>>admins told me, that the problem could be, that there are sent a lot of
>>small packets while replication. I have seen in the firebird.conf is a
>>parameter TcpRemoteBufferSize to enlarge the packet size. But in the
>>docu is written "Use this parameter--with caution and complete
>>comprehension of its effects on network performance!--if you need to
>>enlarge or reduce the TCP/IP packet size for send and receive buffers".
>>Can anybody tell me, what are the effects on network performance?
>Exactly as I outlined in my response to your question on the IBReplicator List.
To wit? :-)

Also, does this parameter actually increase the size of the packets, and
therefore send fewer, bigger packages over the network? If so perhaps
this could be useful for me, because we use a satellite connection,
which is very fast (2 Mbps) once it gets going, but it has a slight
latency between packages. So that means (if I understand all this
correctly, which I'm not so sure of), that the bigger the packages, the
faster it will go. For example, an FTP or HTTP download is lightning
fast, but IB over internet is about as slow as it was with our 128 kbps

Anyway, all this just to ask, whether you think this parameter would
help performance in my situation. Also, is this configurable at the
client side, or only for the server? It would be nice if the client
itself could set this parameter, and if the server could communicate
with several clients with different package sizes... Is this possible?

Jonathan Neve.

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