Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird UDF Compilation environments on Windows and Linux.
Author Ken Galbraith
Hi Martijn

You are (by observation) an exception to the *young* programmers I mentioned
as being *trapped* in their current programming language environment. The
point I am trying to make (hopefully positive), is that just because *I* am
a Pascal programmer I cannot learn or use code written in C++ (for example)
is a *cop out* (hopefully that term is internationally understood?).

I am NOT trying to be a *smart ass*, the only point I am trying to get
across is that "don't dismiss example code etc because it is written in a
different language to the one you are familiar with because it may be a
better example than code written in the language I am familiar with"

Look, I don't know about you, but I (before I actually write the code),
write pseudo code (language less) on what I wish to perform. I then convert
this into the actual language which I am about to compile. If this sequence
is observed then as long as the syntax of the target language is adhered to,
then compilation should happen without errors.

So, in retrospect, I guess I am saying that programmers should write their
code in *pseudo code* then key it in as the target language requires.

If the above is adhered to, then I still cannot understand anyone saying, "I
only code in XXXXXX!"


Ken A Galbraith