Subject [OFFTOPIC] Firebird UDF Compilation environments on Windows and Linux.
Author Steffen Heil

> Believe me, if you are a successful programmer in any language, then you
can program in ANY (computer) language, it is much much easier than learning
a second or subsequent natural language (my French is atrocious even through
I spent 3 years of secondary school studying it!)

> I will give you an analogy, programming in a different language is much
like moving to another country (or different part of your own country), you
just need to rely on road maps to get anywhere until you are familiar with
the terrain. Once you have done the trip a few times, you don't need the
road map any more.

I agree, as long as you move to another country on the same planet...

For programming languages there are different philosopies:
- imerative (C, Pascal, etc ...)
- object-oriented (C++, Java, C#, ...)
- sql is propably somewhere inbetween
- scripting languages (JavaScript, ...)
- functional programming (ML, OCaml, Lisp, ...)

I think switching between these by only learning how to do somthing you did
in another language leads to very bad code.
I simply have seen TOO MUCH c code in java files! Actually I am reviewing
some parts of the source of apache tomcat and I believe some of the
programmers where very good programmers, but c programmers, not java ones.

So not only move there, gather information about the foreign countries
culture first, please.


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