Subject Deactivating cache to test query's performance
Author EvelyneGirard

When testing queries, we are sometimes mislead to think we have
improved it because the server executes it faster the second time.
Of course, we can look at the plan to have an idea if the query is
optimized or not... but I'd like to know how much time my query would
take to execute and i can't because the query will pass from 10
seconds the first time it executes to 0.5 seconds after this, until I
reboot the system (local server).

I supposed it was the server caching that did this so I tried to set
the Cache to 0 and then to 1 (in firebird.conf) without any

Is there a way to disable this feature completely for development
purposes ? I use fbserver 1.5 on a Windows XP pro system.

Thank you