Subject Re: [firebird-support] Limits
Author Daniel Rail

At October 21, 2004, 09:23, Louis Werth wrote:

> AFAIK there is a 2GIG limit per table in Firebird,

It's actually a 20-40GB limit, unless you have test results indicating
otherwise. But, if I'm not mistaken it's based on the record number,
so the limit could be directly related to the row size.

> would this limit be
> removed in future versions of firebird?. (Am I correct? Firebird 1.5.1)

Yes it will be, in FB 2.0. The limit has been practically removed, and
I think it translates to almost a few TBs. The reason why it's not in
FB 1.5.2, is that it requires a major ODS change.

> We are planning to implement firebird at a potential client with about 2500
> concurrent users over a WAN. I am using a middle tier (ASTA). My only
> concern would be the images stored in the system. (We do compress the images
> before saving to database)

Most probable that most of those blobs will be stored outside of the
table's pages. So, it won't impact on the size limit.

> I would also like to know if there is any successful implementations of this
> magnitude running on Firebird. Our client needs to know (and for our
> marketing)

We have customers that have databases that are above 10GB, and the
table that uses most likely 70% of that size is made up of 2 fields: one
integer and a blob for images.

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