Subject RE: [firebird-support] How to lock data?
Author Alan McDonald
> Are you talking about Vulcan and Yaffil? Yaffil is being integrated
> within Firebrid, some of it in FB 2.0 and more in FB 3.0. Vulcan is a
> commissioned version by a company to have a Firebird version that runs
> in a 64-bit Solaris environment(Windows will also be developed) and
> have a true SMP compliant Superserver, and it is done via IB-Phoenix.
> And, Vulcan is supposed to be the base code for FB 3.0.

I didn't get this picture, VULCAN will not be a true SMP compliant
superserver. i.e. it will not be providing for multiple server/CPU accesses
to the one file it's just a step forward to this direction which is a very
tricky thing to solve. or did I miss something. The 64 bit Vulcan will be a
screaming server in it's own right though.