Subject firebird build in windows
Author karthick srini
Dear Members ,
In order to incoporate an fix in firebird (multi
connection meta data iupdate). I am in the process of
building firebird in my environment.
In default firebird windows distriibution there are
two dlls , namely msvcrt.dll , msvcp60.dll under
<firebird>/bin. Kindly tell me what is the purpose of
this dlls,

I have locally built firebird with MS7.0. During
that process firebird scripts (.iss ) tries to bundle
msvcrt.dll and msvcp70.dll. Do I need to bundle those
dlls along with firebird. What is the need for those
dlls when builing firebird in MS7.0.

Kindly tell me so that I can package those dlls as per
your suggestion,


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