Subject [firebird-support] IB6 and Firebird.
Author Martin Dew
I have a necessity to upgrade a site using IB6.2 to FB 1.5.1, however if
for some reason this goes disastrously wrong I was wondering, will I be
able to backup the gdb file with the old gbak from 6.2 installation and
restore it again in IB 6.2 for them to return to the way they where ? or
is it a case that once you have got the gdb file into fb that it cannot
be reversed to work with the old one ?

The reason I ask is that the customer does not really want to goto FB,
but I am slowly convincing them, but I need to reassure them that if
after a few days using FB as the database rather than IB they can revert
without loosing any data whatsoever and it will work fine.

Any help is much appreciated.