Subject RE: [firebird-support] IB6 and Firebird.
Author Alan McDonald
> I have a necessity to upgrade a site using IB6.2 to FB 1.5.1, however if
> for some reason this goes disastrously wrong I was wondering, will I be
> able to backup the gdb file with the old gbak from 6.2 installation and
> restore it again in IB 6.2 for them to return to the way they where ? or
> is it a case that once you have got the gdb file into fb that it cannot
> be reversed to work with the old one ?
> The reason I ask is that the customer does not really want to goto FB,
> but I am slowly convincing them, but I need to reassure them that if
> after a few days using FB as the database rather than IB they can revert
> without loosing any data whatsoever and it will work fine.
> Any help is much appreciated.
> Regards
> Martin

you can't go back via gbak. if you have to go back, I would prepare an empty
shell of the database via metadata extraction. Create the shell in IB6. Then
if something goes wrong, just use clever component datapump or another to
pump the data back. It takes less time than gbak in many cases. test it
before you do anything so you're ready.