Subject Performance on Win2003
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

We have just installed a new server here.
This server is running a dual CPU, 1 Gb RAM and 2 SCSI harddrives in
a raid (mirror).
The server is running Windows 2003 and Firebird 1.5.1
Shadow Copying has been disabled.
The databases have extension FDB.

When restoring af DB from the command line using GBak its is
significally slower compared to aou older server !

The older server is also a dual CUP, 1 Gb of RAM and 2 SCSI
harddrives in a raid (mirror).
This server is running Windows 2000 and Firebird 1.5.0

I try to restore the same GBK file on both servers.
The new one uses at least twice the time to restore as the old one !

We have come to a conclusion so far, that I could be Windows 2003,
but we are not sure......

Anyone ?