Subject Re: What BLOB to use for RTF data
Author Namit Nathwani

At 09:19 pm 13/10/2004, you wrote:
>Then get rid of it and set default value to empty string for RTF BLOBs
>And use only TEXT , there are some incompatibilities between VFP and
>ODBC when other type is used.

Yes, as you have noticed in my corrected code posted alongwith before I
have tried to put in ISNULL() checks and got it to work. Esp. the
comparison == failed when the == rv.blob and blob was NULL

>I've tried and everything is ok, with both direct binding of RTF
>control to RV column

Wow that is nice, using the rv.fld straight

>Must be some program logic behaviour

Maybe, I am using CodeBook as the framework.

Thanks for your help.

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