Subject Why can't I delete the last record from the app, actually 2 issues
Author Namit Nathwani
Hi all

In my VFP6 app (Using ODBC 1.2 rel. 26 Aug. 2004) via Remote Views. Two
things are happening at the time of deletion (add, edit are working well).

1. All the deletion(s) I have performed in the form, when I exit the form I
get the message from the CodeBook Framework that would I like to save
changes that have been made. If I answer No then the deletion(s) is not
made permanent. Only if I respond with a Yes will the deletion(s) be made
permanent in the table.

2. The last record in the form can never be deleted. When I delete this
record, as above then record stops showing, but when I exit the form I am
asked to save the record. No doesn't work. Yes raises further messages
stating that there are a few missing fields to be filled (these are my
messages but then I have just deleted the last record, I don;t have to save

I am at my wits end. I have also tried to put in a COMMIT in the delete()
method using SPT just in case, but no luck.

What is missing? Please advise.

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