Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: How to crash FB
Author Chad Z. Hower
:: CZH> Do you just want the table structure and the SQL?
:: I don't know. I need enough stuff to reproduce the crash.
:: Ciao

"CartItemID" "KeyDmn" NOT NULL,
"CartID" "KeyDmn" NOT NULL,
"EditionID" "KeyDmn" NOT NULL,
"IsProcessed" "BooleanDmn" DEFAULT 'F' NOT NULL,
"CustomerAmt" "CurrnecyDmn",
"VendorAmt" "CurrnecyDmn",
"APPAmt" "CurrnecyDmn",
"VATAmt" "CurrnecyDmn",

This is the table. I didn't post the FKs so you don't need the other tables.
Insert say 10,000 rows.

Now what it does is it comes back and does this for each row: (all inside
one big transaction)

select "CartItemID", "CartID", "EditionID", "IsProcessed", "CustomerAmt",
"VendorAmt", "APPAmt", "VATAmt" from "CartItem" where "CartItemID"=111

UPDATE "CartItem" SET "CartID"=@PCartID, "EditionID"=@PEditionID,
"IsProcessed"=@PIsProcessed, "CustomerAmt"=@PCustomerAmt,
"VendorAmt"=@PVendorAmt, "APPAmt"=@PAPPAmt, "VATAmt"=@PVATAmt where

Right now it issues the update for all fields except the key, its just a fix
that needs to be done it the code. But only the Amt fields are actually
being altered.