Subject Firebird 1.5 100% cpu usage
Author cherithcox
Perhaps some one could shed some light on my current problem.

I installed Firebird 1.5 about three months ago. Thank you very much
for all the work that has been done on it. It is really fantastic.

But the recently it has started to use 100% percent cpu usage!!
Before you ask it was or is not the sweep. There is only one database
on the server and it is only 30 meg big and the sweep interval is set
to zero. So I asume the sweep is not the problem. Then again, we all
know what happened to assumption :). A good example of this problem
is as follows.

I came in this morning and the firebird process has been running at
100% cpu usage for 65 hours!!!!!!! Considering that no one or nothing
was connected to the server this weekend, I can't explain it.

It has been happening more and more over the last couple of weeks. I
have done several sweeps and datbase backups and retores, but to no

Any help would be greatly appreciated.