Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multi CPU machine
Author Tim Ledgerwood
You mean, they should do exactly as they have done? Announce that the
feature will be available, and what timescale?

What more would you have liked them to do?

And it's not being SOLD. The developers etc., make no profit from the sale
of Firebird.

The warm fuzzy feeling they get is from developing and distributing a damn
good product. FREE. (As in Beer this time) :-)


>How about
>If this feature is important to your business, have you
>considered sponsoring its development and testing? Note that as
>well as getting the feature you want included in an agreed timescale
>you get the added bonus of having your company name associated with
>the development (publicity is expensive and firebird is now a
>"known brand").
>Also do not forget that warm fuzzy feeling when you have done good :-)
>Really guys - you need to *sell* yourselves to the folks with the $$ :-)

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