Subject Multi CPU machine
Author Robert martin
Hi All

Just checking. We are using FB SuperServer on some multi-CPU machines /
some hyperthreaded machines /some multi / hyper threaded machines.

I know that SS does not support SMP but do we need to set the
'CpuAffinityMask' in the Conf file. The docs say it defaults to 1 (CPU 1)
and that 2 = cpus 1+2, 3 = cpus 2,3 etc. Should we be OK to leave it to
default to 1, should we force it to 1 or would another setting be more

The system in mind has 2 hpyer CPUs that show as four CPUs in windows 2000.
What would the best move be?

p.s. I notice in the road map, multithreading is coming in a separate Vulcan
release to be merged into the main release in late 2005. With the number of
hyperthreaded / dual core / multi processor machines that will be on the
desktop by then it seems a bit late in the picture.

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