Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multi CPU machine
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Now, what would be a sensible answer to this...
> >
> > How about: care to build it yourself?
> >
> > Or: care to hand over a bag of $$ so that more people can devote
> > time to this?
> How about
> If this feature is important to your business, have you
> considered sponsoring its development and testing? Note that as
> well as getting the feature you want included in an agreed timescale
> you get the added bonus of having your company name associated with
> the development (publicity is expensive and firebird is now a
> "known brand").
> Also do not forget that warm fuzzy feeling when you have done good :-)
> Really guys - you need to *sell* yourselves to the folks with the $$ :-)

Right - this sounds friendlyer... then again, I'm no sales-person *g*