Subject How to identify database created by Firebird 1.5 or Interbase 6.5?
Author chaucheeyang

Interbase 6.0.2's ODS is 10.0. Firebird 1.0.3's ODS is 10.0.
Basically we can treat both the databases are same can may exchange
the server to access it without any problem. However, I found that
Interbase 6.5 and Firebird 1.5.1 has same ODS 10.1 and Interbase 7.1
is using ODS 11.

My problem is how am I going to identify database created by IB 6.5
or Firebird 1.5.1? Both type of database has same ODS but it seems
like both database do not same identical structure as stated by
Craig Stuntz [TeamB] on 2002-07-23 07:47:01 PST:

In article <3d3c8139$1_1@dnews>, tony.caduto@... says...
> I don't think they changed the ODS for 1.0, they are going to
change it for
> 1.5 and 2.0
This is wrong. They changed the ODS (probably to support the 8 KB
pages). Firebird reports ODS 10.1. IB 6.5 also reports 10.1, but
Firebird "10.1" is not the same as the IB 6.5 10.1.


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Thank you.

Chau Chee Yang