Subject Re: Problem with instalation on Mandrake Linux
Author blahclayton
Not much help as I am also new to Mandrake linux 10.0 but hopefully
the following statement may give you hope of somekind.

But I had no problem installing & using firebird classic server
version 1.5.0 (FirebirdCS-

--- In, "alex_skopal" <Skopal@d...>
> I have just installed Mandrake Linux ver. 10.0 and tried to install
> latest version o firebird server (SS version) into this machine.
> It should create Firebird user and group but it did not create
> In services I can see Firebird but stopped. When I try the Start
> button there appears short notice saying that Firebird was stopped
> sucessfully and started OK.
> I am newbie both to Linux and Firebird and need to install third
> party database application.
> Can anybody help me?
> Alex Skopal