Subject File/document managament on Firebird
Author Raigo
I need to develop a file and document managament system. My question:
would it be a good idea to store all files in Firebird BLOB?

I can see two possible ways:
1)all files are in BLOB
2)files are in (windos) filesystem and there is a link (filename) stored
in FB

What would be better?

I already have a system of over 100000 images in BLOB - no speed
problems at all. But this one is going to be much bigger and mainly will
be storing Office (.doc, .xls. ppt), Acrobat (.pdf), AutoCAD (.dwg)
files (probably will be used for even more formats).

Has someone here developed some file/document management system on
FB/IB? is it possible to see it? How does its data model look like?

Any advice would be more than welcome.