Subject Collate driver for UNICODE_FSS
Author Jiří Křivánek
Hello all,

in the firebird development discussion they were not interested so I am
trying to post here:

In the firebird I am really missing the support for the UNICODE. It
implements the UNICODE_FSS charset but no COLLATES for it.

So I wrote the fbintl2 driver implementing the collates for the
UNICODE_FSS charset.

The collate tables are defined by the external tables (files). The
source tables are in the text form. To be loadable by the fbintl2, the
text source tables are compiled into the binary form by a special
purpose program.

I tested it on the Windows and Linux.

I am not a database specialist, so I will appreciate any hints,
comments, ideas as well as someone who is able to perform the
performance/reliability/stress tests.

It is free and opensource. It is available for download from the
following URL:

For more info, please read the included readme.txt.

Best regards,


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