Subject Re: [firebird-support] date function
Author Bisma Jayadi
> Is it measured in milliseconds, so you can use
> timestamp + 100*60*60*24
> to add a day.

Thanks Steffen. IMO, from what I knew in DB2 and from what I read in Firebird
docs (was IB docs), Firebird has lack support for date/time management. Of
course it is available, but seems pretty complicated to me (as DB2 user).
Date/time management in DB2 is so simple and straight forward, no casting
needed, nor hand-written computation formula in query (means less mistypo).

In DB2, it's as simple as "values current date + 2 days" or "update table_name
set field_date_name = current date - 5 months" or "update table_name set
field_time_name = another_field_time + 3 minutes" then you'll get what you need.
Till now, I still don't know how to do the things I asked previously. I know
Firebird can do this somehow, I just still can't figure it out, especially in a
simplest way.

I must dig deeper into the FB docs. Damn DB2, it spoils me. :) Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks.


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