Subject Re: Yecchh - 8.5GB corrupted db
Author Andrew
Bob, I appreciate that you may have strong reasons to be using FB1.5
for your customers' production databases, but a release candidate is
only one step up from Beta (and in FB1.5's case I would argue that
the release candidate process has been used more like a beta

As such you should be treading very carefully with any FB1.5
installations that work with critical data: examine the log file
daily, backup religiously, canvas your users regularly for anything
they consider to be unusual or unexpected. You should also be aware
of what bugs were fixed between RC6 and the latest RC8.

Of course, this is closing the gate after the horse has bolted, but

Andrew Ferguson

--- In, Bob Murdoch <ram5@e...>
> Running FB1.5 RC6 on NT4 server: