Subject Yecchh - 8.5GB corrupted db
Author Bob Murdoch
Running FB1.5 RC6 on NT4 server:

I received a call earlier this afternoon, from a customer complaining of
some strange information on a report. After looking into it, I not only
found missing rows in a table, but missing values in a column in this table.

Checking the FBServer.log, I found a couple of scary entries from January 19th:

database file appears corrupt ()
wrong page type
page 1072693 is of wrong type (expected 7, found 5)

All five or six of them list the same page number, and occur over the
course of an hour or so on that date.

I restored the backup from last night. While it restored without error,
unfortunately it suffers from the same data loss.

I ran gfix -v, but I'm afraid I don't understand this tool. It ran for a
few hours, but at the end there was no screen output nor any items logged
to the redirect file. It was run on the server with this command line:

gfix -v -user xx -password xx db_file_name >> c:\gfix.log

I can restore most, if not all, the data from this table from other copies
of the database. However, how do I know if there is any other corruption
in the database? Is there another utility that should be run that will
give me a hint as to the problem?

tia for any info,

Bob M..