Subject Re: Unicode data and Delphi 7
Author Fikret Hasovic
--- In, "Noel Cosgrave"
<noel.cosgrave@b...> wrote:
> Sorry to be a pain, folks, but can someone please tell me if
getting Unicode data from a Firebird database into Unicode-aware
controls is impossible or not, and if it is possible, what is the
best way of doing it? If this is not the correct forum for such a
question, what is?
Yes, it is possible. You shoul know that Firebird is using UTF-8
encoding for UNICODE, so you need to encode your strings before you
write them in DB, and then to decode when you fetch them. But you
life will be MUCH easier if you use kbmMW framework
( Using kbmMW you can use strings as
widestrings. I am using it and it works GREAT!
Also, I have modified old sql2gdb tool so all widestrings from
MSSQL2000 (or access) are encoded in UTF-8 and then posted to db. I
have also added support for BIGINT.
BTW, does anyone know who is original author of sql2gdb? We should
create project on sourceforge for this tool.

> Thanks!
> Noel

Best regards
Fikret Hasovic