Subject Re: Empty tables after restore?
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Bradley Tate <btate@o...> wrote:
> Perhaps we should be running Oracle / Posgresql / etc? I really like
> Firebird when it's working, but when it isn't working properly I find it
> very unhelpful. Log messages are next to useless, error messages
> likewise. And when my management ask me what happened and will it happen
> again I have no good answer.

Bradley, if you sent here contents of mentioned log on day you have unssuccessful restore and make us sure you really saw
famous "closing and going home" at the end of restore instead of this compliants, perhaps you already got advice. I have'nt at home
not FB installed (computer is son's toy) neither English dictionary, and have no time at work to pull using pincers details of FB log and
screen messages from innterested persons, so I can only recommend

a) make sure backup was'nt made with metadata only option
b) check operation guide how to restore commiting after each table
c) how to restore without check constraints
d) how to restore not activising indices
e) make sure there is enough space on target disk and disk with TMP directory where indices are built

3gb on _proper_ Linux version is'nt a problem, my DB is 8 and successfully survived all FBs since 0.9.1, from 1.0.3 - as single file.

Best regards,