Subject Re: [firebird-support] Empty tables after restore?
Author Bradley Tate

Fair call - it's been a few years since I used Oracle but as you
say..... :-!

Development is proceeding apace and I'm hopeful that Firebird 2 will
eventually address many of my concerns. If I could cherry pick
features/performance from Firebird (1.5) and Postgresql and mash them
together I'd be a very happy chappy.

But at the moment I have to live with 1.0.3 and I still don't know what



Martijn Tonies wrote:

> Hi,
> > Yes, we're trying this. Fingers crossed. While a good database is
> > essential and the first order of business it would be nice to have some
> > idea of what happened. This database is central to the business of
> > administering other peoples money and when wierd shite happens it
> > concerns me greatly - especially when no errors appear when using gfix
> > or gbak.
> >
> > Perhaps we should be running Oracle / Posgresql / etc? I really like
> > Firebird when it's working, but when it isn't working properly I find it
> > very unhelpful. Log messages are next to useless, error messages
> > likewise. And when my management ask me what happened and will it happen
> > again I have no good answer.
> Ever had to restore a non-working Oracle database?
> Useless errormessages for $$$ ... :-D
> With regards,
> Martijn Tonies
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