Subject Re: connection problems with RedHat v. 9
Author Peppe Polpo
<gkrishna@j...> wrote:

>Windows 2000 continues to work fine and performance is improved
(working satisfactorily - at least 3 to 6 months). Linux once a week
or once in 10 days, the client when doing multithread access gets
10054 error and loses the connection.

what a shame! Windows works and Linux does not. Bill would pay to
hear this :)

I found several threads in NGs reguarding connection problems with
Interbase on a RH server, but I cannot understant to what extent they
reguard FB too.

I also found out that IB is not certified on RH v. 9 (see

Unfortunately I trusted some messages in this NG stating that ev was
fine with FB and RH9.

I am trying to isolate the problem, for instance now I am not using

But if the problem persists, I will have to go back to an older RH
version, or to a different Linux distro.


Peppe Polpo