Subject connection problems with RedHat v. 9
Author Peppe Polpo
I have a server with RedHat v. 9 and FB v. FirebirdSS-
0.i386 installed.

Suddenly, I experience the following problem:

1. I can connect to the server via SSH and launch isql

2. I cannot connect to the server using a client like WISQL

3. when I read the log file /opt/interbase/interbase.log , I read (Client) Wed Jan 21 16:08:12 2004
INET/inet_error: read errno = 104

I found some related messages in internet, but all of them reguard
Interbase and old versions of Red Hat.

I also read

Could somebody give me the updated info re the exact installation of
FB on RedHat v. 9 ?


Peppe Polpo