Subject On the fly data compression...
Author Jonathan Neve

I have a few questions / suggestions :

1) Why does preparation of a query require a lot of communication over
the wire (which makes it the slowest of part of executing a query over a
slow connection)?
Everyone so far has simply told me that since it's a server-side
operation, it shouldn't be affected by the speed of the network
connection. I fully agree, but unfortunately, my experience shows that
in practice, this is not the case. Has this been fixed in FireBird 1.5 ?

2) Are there any plans for integrating an on the fly data
compression/encryption system (like Zebedee) into FireBird? This would
be much simpler than using Zebedee, and wouldn't require changing the
standard port. It could be perhaps be an option that would get set as
connection parameter. That way, it could be disabled by default, so as
to avoid slowing down local connections.

3) Have there been / are there going to be any improvements in the
communication protocol itself in order to eliminate unnecessary chatter
(for example, sending varchars with trailing spaces)? I've heard that
there had been some work done in this direction in Interbase 6.5.


Jonathan Neve.