Subject RC8 and IF THEN ELSE IF limits
Author silentworker2004

I have an existing procedure which has a lot of nested IF statments

IF (cond1) THEN
ELSE IF (cond2) THEN
ELSE ...

This procedure compiles and executes without problem in RC7 but in RC8
I am getting and error during compile. It appears to happen after the
25th IF statement. The error depends on the actual statement done
after the THEN, but in one case the error is 'Token unknown INTO' and
that statement is:

FROM xfztable

I have tried rearranging the IF statmens but the error is always after
the 25th IF. If I remove every 24th ELSE the stored procedure will
compile but produce incorrect results as the final ELSE throws an
exception that no condition was met. Is this a limit that has been
imposed in RC8? Will it remain in the 1.5 Final verions?

Brett Irvine
Signature Softaware