Subject Re: RC8 and IF THEN ELSE IF limits
Author Sachli
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.> wrote:
> exception that no condition was met. Is this a limit that has been
> imposed in RC8? Will it remain in the 1.5 Final verions?
> Brett Irvine
> Signature Softaware

Hi Brett,

Based on Paul's reply for my similar post, I don't think it will be
This is what Paul told me:


That sounds good to me. Last time I read the documented limits only 16
were allowed. (IIRC)

Are you saying that RC7 allowed more than 26?

Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase

***end of quote***

I have changed my code from: if.. then.. else if...
to: if .. then ...;
if .. then ...;
and so on...